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Thursday, June 30, 2005
brand ambassadors: do they work? Home
Posted at 7:46 PM by Aditya

i was watching Friends (yea, old, i know) and i realised i've never seen a single brand in any of the episodes in any of the seasons. now, i don't know if this is a u.s. policy of a no show of brandnames in serials or sitcoms or something, but i think it was done so that brands didn't flare up with endorsement lawsuits. I know the crazy Friends created when it started out, but one has to wonder, would it really matter if they showed Chandler wearing a Nike sweatshirt? would it mean half a million people will be raiding Nike showrooms trying to get their hands on a similar Nike sweatshirt? Here, i hope im not flogged by Adidas or Reebok for just mentioning Nike, but seriously, are people that gullible? that they go out and buy the brand they see their favourite tv/movie characters wearing?

i really don't think so. i don't want to google it to find out the reality behind what i saw (or didn't see actually), so i'd like someone to tell me, or say something regarding this. i personally don't think i'd be that childish, will you? :P

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