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Thursday, June 30, 2005
haha! it works! Home
Posted at 12:02 PM by Aditya

this is pretty cool in its own right! :)

i tried to implement an xml blog. that is (possible enthusiasts and haxors, read this if you haven't figured this hack already), make a blog on the site using blogger, and then using the xml rss feed read the data into the page. its a really elaborate hack, but it works. it worked for me, so if it doesn't for you, haha noob! xD

anyway, now that this blog is up, the rest of em will see less updates. so you'll be better off coming here. don't ask me about the topic of this... its as vague as coldplay... err, bad analogy. but im happy that after a whole week of trying, i got a blog up without using php, something i was actually against using because of my lack of knowledge. hate to not have control. so, here we are! TADA!
enjoy your stay here, read up, im going to get back to updating the pages, been in the blues cuz of end of holidays... bleh!


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