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Thursday, July 07, 2005
16 commandments Home
Posted at 9:03 PM by Aditya

these are the 16 commandments someone i know came up with. he's an IIT and IIM topper, and i think everyone should try and incorporate these in their lives. they truly are priceless...

  • be ambitious
  • develop an enterpreneural bent of mind
  • constantly improve knowledge
  • business is people management
  • develop communication abilities
  • respect everyone, including workers and peons
  • when you succeed, have humility, not arrogance
  • hard work and sincerity always pays
  • transparency is necessary
  • no hidden agendas
  • never criticize or have negative conversation
  • never be afraid of failure
  • concentrate on right actions, right results will follow
  • align yourself with company's interest, no indivdualism
  • after a decision is made, commit fully to execution
  • timing and balancing are everything in life

now, these commandments are of course for people working in a business or a company, but they can be incorporated, if you use your brains a little, in your everyday life. wish you luck, and a better life...


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