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Saturday, July 02, 2005
batman began Home
Posted at 3:12 PM by Aditya

i just saw batman begins this morning, and i found it pretty interesting to say the least. its always a risky business to try and show how a famous superhero began, for every superhero has a past, and that past is what gives him a motive, and motive is what makes him do what he does. hence, to limit people's imagination to narrow down a superhero's roots, can make or break the guy. fortunately, batman begins, made the guy (for me atleast).

it shows the past of bruce wayne just as he was starting out as the caped crusader of gotham city. ofcourse, giving him the japanese touch worked for me, because i hold a special interest in things like the league of shadows and such. though i feel the movie's pace was excruciatingly slow. with the first half being a pure narration of how he came to be, wayne's self indulgent sacrifices don't bring that moving feeling to your gut that you're so used to with superheroes. he's quite of an anti-climax actually. feels more like kyle katarn juggling between the two sides of the force (fans of the jedi outcast series shall share my humour). wayne seems utterly confused throughout the movie until the final half an hour. not to mention his elite training failing him at a good time which could have ended the movie a good hour earlier than it actually did.

the ending, though spectacular, seemed hurried and quite typical of most action movies with buildings and railway systems falling apart (remember speed?). however, this won't be complete without a word on the cgi, which i must say, was spectacular. especially the visual interpretation on scarecrow's panic inducing hallucigent and the effect it has on people's viewpoint was, though not satisfying, a sure shot visual treat. with a fleeting hint at a sequel, with joker as the next villain in question, a good movie when there is nothing else to watch on television. i'll rate it 3/5. watch it!


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