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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
competitiveness Home
Posted at 8:49 PM by Aditya

im sure there have been times when you've come across competetive people. people who will compete with you in everything you do, always trying to do whatever you do better than you, and trying to beat you to it. i see many of them everyday, and even though they don't know it, its just a part of them. but, when competetiveness turns into a sense of supereriority, thats when things turn ugly. and since i've seen that happen, im going to make this post a little advisory post for all you readers' benefit.

be competetive. competing is the best way to improve yourself, without losing anything. keep it a healthy competition. if you go down once, make a vow to hit back harder next time. if you win, vow to keep it going even the next time. however, do not become self indulgent and become arrogant, gaining a sense of superiority over your peers. that, is what takes the best of the lot down to the last spot. and it always happens that way. never over-compete, or try to kill the competition, because remember, competition is what keeps you going, and if you kill it, you kill yourself too...

there was once this strong man who was climbing the steepest mountain to meet the wisest man at the top and ask him for his words of wisdom. while climbing, he saw a man trying very hard to climb, battling against rough weather and tough landscape. he just laughed at him, overtook him and moved on. going a little furthur, he found one more climber facing the same difficulties. he again laughed and moved on. he faced a few more that way, but he laughed on them all, and kept on climbing.

by that time, he reached the top, and on reaching the wisest man on earth, he fell to his feet, and asked for his wisdom. the man told him, 'never make fun of the people you cross while going up, because they are the same people you're going to meet while going down'

its the premium truth... learn to follow it!


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