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Friday, July 29, 2005
err... Home
Posted at 4:16 PM by Aditya

we just culminated our annual indian music competition, and i'm sorry to say, but goddamn was it bad!

its not because of lack of talent, but more because of lack of sincerety and dedication. its not due to lack of attitude, but a lack of desire to win, and at the end, its not because of lack of anything, but plain and simple -- the x factor, being comfortable on stage. mr. kapoor spoke about guts, i don't agree. if you know you can sing, the song is good, the instrumentalists are good... there is no excuse for a bad performance. the competition was plain and simple shabby. the performances were nothing to speak about. even the regulars disappointed. i really regret my choice of not participating...

but alls well that ends well, red won, and that's what i wanted. i guess it wasn't all that bad. hope you enjoyed it! later!


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