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Sunday, July 10, 2005
F1 update Home
Posted at 7:26 PM by Aditya

i know you'd rather go to the formula 1 site to get your updates on today's (10 July) race, but if you're still here and want to know, i'll just brief you on the happenings. riakkonen fought back from 12th place after qualifying for second place, because of an engine blowout during free practice yesterday. he finished 3rd, right behind alonso, who from 1st place, ended 2nd place. but the glory of the race and redemption for mclaren, was juan pablo montoya, qualifying 3rd, but finishing 1st...

that's basically it. for the latest driver standings, check out Formula, and any other news info you might want! this one was a screamer of a race! thank you silverstone!!


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