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Sunday, July 31, 2005
f1 (yet again) Home
Posted at 9:23 AM by Aditya

yes people! another week, and another great race on the cards...

this one should be a screamer, with riakonnen hungry for a comeback after his car locked up a gear (or thats what i think), and alonso took away an undeserved victory. but this time, its not a mclaren, a renault, nor a toyota on pole. this time, surprising us all yet again, on pole is (hold your breath) -- michael schumacher! (rats!)

thats why im predicting, the race will be made in the pitstops today. and we all know how well mclaren has been handling there pitstop strategies this season (:D), and im sure riakonnen will go all guns blazing for this one. after all, he has a championship to win!

you can catch the race at 1400 hrs Hungarian Time, or 1730 Indian Time! happy watching! :)


I know this is offtopic but, um, have i mentioned how marvellous that background of your blog looks? it's a picturesque beauty. and yeah, i checked out the site you got it from, and good heavens! some of the "deviations" there are simply mind blowing. it almost makes me wish i had taken photography as MY hobby :)
so how was the night stay? :D
-Akanksha (aka Nemesis in some circles :D)

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:16 PM, August 15, 2005  

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