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Friday, July 01, 2005
first day of school Home
Posted at 4:45 PM by Aditya

today was the first day of school after our summer vacations. it didn't suck exactly, but it sure did drain the life outta me. the thing is, the weather is really hot. it rained for a couple of days, but then it abruptly stopped. the moment we all started shouting, 'THE MONSOON'S ARE HERE', they disappeared. it sucks to be the weatherman i tell you. i won't go any deeper into the subject.

however, i found this really cool game. vintage, but really cool. its called the incredible machine and its distributed by sierra. its expensive though ($29.95 last i checked) but hey, fire up kazaa or whatever you use, and presto! its about cooking up the craziest contraptions to reach your goals. check it out on gamespot for screenshots. its fun, trust me! :)


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