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Sunday, July 03, 2005
formula 1 burning up the road Home
Posted at 8:03 AM by Aditya

i know this comes in half way into the season, but heck!

we all remember what happened to formula 1 last season with the dominance of ferrari over all other teams, including the big guns like mclaren-mercedes and renault. however, the true races have been this year. with each company dishing out their best cars, ferrari's touted 2005 car has failed to live up to anybody's standards. the constructors championships are a clear reflection of this. also, all can now also see how vulnerable schumacher is without his trusted team by his side. when the team fails, so does the driver, even if he is the 7 time world champion. though its nice to see fans remaining loyal to the italian stallion.

the teams to watch out this year have been renault (fernando alonso), mclaren-mercedes (kimi riakkonen) and toyota (jarno trulli). even though riakkonen at this point of time could have easily made it ahead alonso in the driver's championship, mercedes has been suffering from reliability issues. what with his engine blowing out on his qualifying lap, how can you expect anything out of the driver? he has still made to the second place in the rankings. thats quite commendable. watch out for the race...

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