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Sunday, July 17, 2005
the half-blood prince Home
Posted at 3:00 PM by Aditya

well, most of you would have read the book, and have gone through the abc's of all the happenings atleast twice. i went through the book 3 times already, and well, to say the least it still leaves a bad taste. i feel the end is hurried, not to mention Dumbledore's naive ignorance of Snape and Malfoy. Even Arthur Weasley raided the Malfoy's after Harry tipped him off, but Dumbledore... Nooo.... he is the know all oldguy of the Harry Potter books. I won't serves him right, but I don't feel pity for him either.

Harry, well, i'm happy for him and Ginny, but bleh, couldn't he find anyone better? i'm ofcourse going by the red head in the movies. Oh Boy would i love to see Radcliffe's face when he's told he'll have to kiss her in the 6th movie... :D

Well, a good book nonetheless, kept me off the computer for a whole day (which is a feat in itself) but it kept me interested till the last few chapters. Nothing beats the end of Goblet Of Fire, and come'on Joanne, let's see that burst of creativity again!!


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