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Monday, July 04, 2005
hmm... Home
Posted at 6:48 PM by Aditya

no updates? how can that be! well, i can see that quite a lot of people have shown interest in my site, and those who haven't, have been pushed into showing interest... hehehe! :D

well, the thing is, school just started, and since i know all the people who browse the site are from my school (i have my ways), they know that little fact too. now, why did i waste a whole line to say something you already knew? i have no clue! so anyway, as i was saying, school has opened (which you all already know) which means studies are back on in full flow. this site was made in the holidays, when there was no school, so there was more time to waste. now there isn't as much. hence, you might see that there aren't many updates. whats the worst part? there isn't! i will constantly keep this blog updated, which means 5 minutes of your day, and you'll have knowledge you never thought you'd need.

to begin with, is a question! what do you guys think of the new bharatnatyam teacher in our school! you know, the bald guy with the tika on his forehead? well, not exactly his forehead, maybe he's dyslexic, whatever! so, any students of his wanna share their view? no? ahh, its upto you.

there's also the thing that i've made a deal with myself that i'll go and watch a new movie every saturday morning. and you know what that means? yes! more cynical reviews of the entertainment industries top sellers! :D bleh, i so suck at this. so anyway, our 5 minutes are up, and you have better ways of killing your time, so enjoy! and just chill!

P.S. i think that song sucks btw!


Hey, so this is like the secon comment on you blog. and hope you like it. it looks likeyou have gone thru lot of pains in updating your blog. I must comment your site is very impressive, the background nodoubt brilliant.
keep up the great site.ok one thought ... i am planning to start a site like such not alone but wiht all my good frnds its just ahtought . tell me what you think about this and mail me ?or welltalk in school tomm okay?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:59 PM, July 05, 2005  

awww! that weird teacher is so totally gay, he doesn't even try to hide it. i mean the way he talks! lol.... kinda freaked us all out though, what with his never ending lecture on folk dances and all that shit!
get well soon... you've been sleeping all day long now, dream of me! -Nemesis

By Anonymous Nemesis, at 11:14 PM, July 15, 2005  

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