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Saturday, July 02, 2005
looks matter Home
Posted at 9:14 AM by Aditya

hehe! not talking about people. thats a given with human beings. i'm talking about websites. if you've noticed, i've tried to make this site visually appealing as well as easily navigable. not like i sat down, made a picture of what i wanted, then implemented it. everything fell into place as i went on making it. the link bars at the bottom actually came from my new fetish for a border around everything. the background of the pages was actually a photoshop fluke, but it looked nice, so i used it on all the pages. i feel, visually, this page is a lot of eye candy for all users -- with fast or slow net speeds.

in the past i've dropped by quite a few sites which are visually stunning, but not navigable. or very functional, but visually dead. you'll find some of the links at the end of this post. the first one -- 99rooms, is a visual treat for any person, but, only with a fast net speed and a good eye for detail, because the navigation is sloppy. not for everyone. on the other hand, neostream (which is a web development company) has an awesome site with some really stunning flashwork. im sure that site is going to be macromedia's flash showcase topper. but again, need a fast net speed because of the loading of the flash. third, hlfallout. a half-life based fansite, this is a beautiful site, using contrasting colours to the full, it blends in amazing looks with a very functional navigational system. a must browse for fans and newbies alike. the last one, is definitely the least one. angelworld is an amazing site, and i can't really say much about it. you have to be there to believe it. again, only for fast net speeds.

so now a note to all future websiters. go for the looks, it'll keep people coming back in the long run. but don't bunk on the content either, because if people have to play around with the same effects, and pages, and same content, they'll get bored. and we all know what happens when they get bored. they'll chuck your site! so, happy websiting*!





* i came up with that term for browsing and looking at websites, kind of like a sight-seeing on the web :) i hope you bring it to larger use.


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