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Wednesday, July 13, 2005
microsoft beta testing Home
Posted at 8:18 PM by Aditya

microsoft is beta testing messenger with a select group of internal testers. they say that they are planning to work on the feedback which they receive from these testers. hopefully, the testers are like you and me and think about the common man and not what's in the best interest for mcrosoft.

also, msn is testing wave 11 of hotmail. hotmail is getting a minimalistic look, and going to be easier for people to navigate and understand (hopefully). the current hotmail is heavy on images, very browser specific and full of adbanners, which the dialup users will easily identify with slow hotmail loadup speeds. the new one will be faster, and will rival available competition. i hope google responds to this with a vamped up Gmail, because truly, in the wars of the giants, its us who gain to benefit everything! :)

you can check out Betanews or Neowin for more up to date microsoft news (lnks at the bottom). good day!

Betanews | Neowin


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