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Saturday, July 09, 2005
opera 8.02 preview 1 Home
Posted at 7:30 AM by Aditya

opera, the worlds fastest browser has come up with a new preview, and it includes what many people will see as a cure for a major headache. slow file downloads. how many of you have always complained about slow downloads? even though you're on a 28.8, your files don't download at the optimum speed they are supposed to.

now, opera is going to solve this little problem for us. in this new preview, inbuilt comes a BitTorrent downloader. BitTorrent is the premium filesharing utility which makes downloads extremely fast by feeding off other people who are downloading the same thing. its kind of like P2P, just in a group, and the more the people, the faster is your download! its actually fast, and sure does save normal servers from getting choked because of heavy downloads, which was the actual idea behind adding BitTorrent support to the browser. the fastest downloads with the fastest browser

for all of you who want to give it a whirl: read | tech prevew


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