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Thursday, July 14, 2005
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Posted at 9:38 PM by Aditya

today, 9 years ago, the very first version of Opera was released, announced by CEO Tetzchner at a public newsgroup with the following post -
Subject: Opera web browser
Date: 1996/07/14
Organization: Telenor R&D

newsgroups: Are you looking for an alternative to Netscape and Microsoft Explorer? Do you like the idea of having an MDI user interface and being able to browse in multiple windows? Care for a full keyboard interface for your browsing? Want to start up with multiple windows? Is your browser slow? Try Opera at works just fine under Windows'95 and OS/2 too!Regards,


it was initially called multitorg opera, and look how far its come in these years. why not try the latest version of the award winning browser, the fastest browser on earth! (links at bottom)


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