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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
eldest : inherited suckiness Home
Posted at 4:33 PM by Aditya

c'mon little kiddies, on my lap!!

im here to do a half-blood prince to eldest, the second book in the inheritence series. fans and worshippers beware, you are about to be mocked!

ok, lets start by writing a little info about paolini. how much writing prowess can you expect from someone who is named after a type of bread? (get it? pao-lini...? ahh, forget it) and the only thing going for him is that he started writing at my age, 2 years ago. this guy sucks at imagination, and sucks even more trying to duplicate the dialogues of lord of the rings. what results is a bad mixture of incoherent yaddle which to some might seem eye-opening, or even bordering on the edge of the meaning of life (whatever that is). all those who say that he is a good writer, need to read more books. there are some suggestions at the end of the post, look into them!

now, the book itself. bleh... where do i begin? from the jarring jacket to the drabbling dialogues! this book can be put up as what not to do as a budding author. sure, i'll give it to bread-kid for coming up wth plot twists that really try and wake you up just as you are about to fall asleep, but c'mon man, he spent an entire chapter explaining dwarf religion!! who wanted to know that?? also, why is everybody in here so bloody horny? eragon falls in love with arya, roran is trying to marry katrina and if that wasn't enough, we now have dragon love!! presenting saphira and glaedr... i mean seriously... WTF?
the only reason the book becomes interesting in the last few chapters (whch i think it did) is because there is atleast something tangible going on. and also the appearence of the red dragon. well, you should have guessed from the intro to the book, that since the ra'zac don't take prisoners, and the three (the twins and murtagh) weren't found, something was going to happen at the end... surely! and yes, that's exactly what happened! well, no more bitching. im just mad for this making me waste 700 bucks to get the bloody book!

but all is not lost. the third book promises certain interesting parts because in true hindi cinema style, there is going to be a war going on, while the heroes (and anti-heroes) have their personal lives entwining into everything. and yes, don't blink twice if the next book's jacket is black, with a sexy dragon picture on it. you know what that means, don't you? and also elva, who i guess will end up sacrificing herself for the varden...
anyway, chow!

Sé mor'ranr ono finna

Must Reads (to reinstate faith in literature)
Artemis Fowl (and the remaining series)
Lord Of The Rings (if you haven't)
Sword Of Truth (and the series)
--- Broken Sky (and the series, this is only because i really liked this series. not a literary wonder, but good in its own right)


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