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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Apple Fixes Nano Screens Home
Posted at 6:36 AM by Aditya

In a statement issued late Tuesday, Apple acknowledged that a manufacturing error led to a small percentage of iPod Nanos with weak screens, which could potentially crack in a tight pocket. Apple says it will replace any Nanos with broken displays, but not those with scratches.

Now, isn't Apple better than Microsoft? What would have Microsoft done in this case? Bought a 100 of its competitors devices, cracked their screens and paid and distributed it to the people to raise a furor about the broken screens. That is something MS would have done.

iPods getting scratched is a common phenomenon. And to save them from the scratches, you have to belt out a furthur Rs. 2000 ($50) to get the sleek black casing. Its not an alien fact that iPod makes the majority of its revenue from after-sales purchases of accessories and from the iTunes music store, but don't you think they are slightly overpricing everything they dish out?

It was in the news recently that iSuppli - An Apple Marketing Intelligence company dissected the iPod Nano. They found the parts inside adding upto a price of $100. Now, with the market price of a Nano being $199, Apple gets a profit margin of close to 50% with every sale. Now isn't that something? And even after paying so much, we have to furthur cough up money for the accessories. You can choose to go for the cheaper options, but someone like me who wants the stuff from the makers, its a difficult life. But all is not bad. Though Apple overcharges, their monopoly over the market is fully justified. Their players are sleek, small and sexy! You just can't not have one of them. If you don't have one yet, I'll suggest you get one. Even a Nano if its not your cup of tea. It sports a colour screen, and is the same size as the Shuffle :) You won't be dissapointed!


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