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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
creeping updates Home
Posted at 12:32 PM by Aditya

i wanted to say two things, because i don't think people have realised this yet!

firstly, keep an eye on the bottom left corner of this page, because that's where you'll see little trinkets of updates creeping in. for example, if you see the two 'Show Previous Posts' and 'Show Link Lists', if you take your mouse to them, you'll see what they're all about... :)

secondly, comments! i don't know why people are so miserly as far as commenting goes. its close to useless for me to continue posting here as long as people don't come here, learn something new and/or add to it by sharing their views and or knowledge. so please, it helps to know that people are viewing this page, and what they think :)

and for those cynics out there saying people don't visit my page, well, sorry to break it to you, but i get more than 100 viewers per month, so i know people are coming here to have a look! :D



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