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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
err...? Home
Posted at 1:13 PM by Aditya

well, apparently things are not as merry as they could be. i thought i should write about it, so here i am. i don't know how many visitors i get, but if you've read the post of today, and a few days back, you might be thinking i'm a heartless beast.... :(

well, to start off things, i am not (well duh!). secondly, what i said about my members not posting, was a joke! i know people have lives outside their computers, and blogging isn't really something i do often too... so i'm sorry if i said something wrong. didn't mean it! :|

thirdly, BAH!!! i have a physics exam tomorrow, and the official beginning of my september assesment! damn! i should hit the books, so please, don't blame me if there are no updates for the next week or so. the durga puja's (and dusshera) is coming up, so you'll have plenty of updates around then which'll more than make up for it. so, hope to see you soon, later!

and oh yea, as a parting recommendation -- check out Opeth's Blackwater Park (the song and the album), and School Of Rock (the movie, if you haven't seen it!) :)


chill out man, that wasnt directed at you. You didnt even tell me once that i should post more often...and i KNOW your previous post was a joke. That was to shut other people up...they've been bugging me on msn.

so you're obsessed with opeth again! bwahahhahhaha!! tell them who the credit goes to, please!

also, Mr Oxymoron, "hope to see you soon, later!" what were you thinking??? :p

anyway, happy studying! i'll see you in school tomorrow.

ps - WTF is happening? this blogger post a comment shit is asking me to do a WORD VERIFICATION TEST?!?!?

By Blogger Aeris, at 1:49 PM, September 20, 2005  

assessment is spelled wrong :P
i'm sure you want to strangle me right now... hahaha

By Anonymous Nemesis, at 9:17 PM, September 22, 2005  

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