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Saturday, September 03, 2005
F1 ya! ya! ya! Home
Posted at 3:18 PM by Aditya

The Official Formula 1 Website

just 5 races to go, and the championship is still up for grabs between riakonnen and alonso. alonso has been freakishly lucky, and riakonnen hasn't, with car troubles plaguing him for 1/4 of the season. if riakonnen is going to win, he needs to win all the remaining races, and make sure alonso doesn't finish in the top 3 in any. now thats an equation you can try and fix for a while to come.

its not impossible, but as close to it as you can get. lets see. i still have my hopes on mclaren-mercedes to win the constructors, and i'll still take a shot at riakonnen's chances. lets see how those turn out in tomorrow's race. don't miss it! (5:30 IST)


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