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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
hehe! Home
Posted at 11:18 AM by Aditya

I came up with this funny little nouvelle where we're gonna be picking up a controversial word and coming up with as many definitions as we can for it: so this week's pick is--
1. The biggest lie in human history. Responsible for deaths, alienating homosexuals, and protecting family structure through guilt, self doubt and fear by spouting the dogma of a man made God to increase a species overall chance of survival.
2. A cult that doesn't end with suicide.
3. The source of the world's major problems.
4. Hypocrisy, brainwashing etc... eg:
sick kid: mummy, i don't wanna die
mummy: it's okay, kid, you'll be with god
doctor: don't lie to a dying person! son, too sucky for you, you're gonna decay slowly in a casket six feet from the ground....

*more to come*

(thanks to contradictionaire) :)


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