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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
The Inevitable! Home
Posted at 10:15 AM by Aditya

I have been thinking about this for quite a while, and been putting off writing about it. But I guess today, my state is perfect for thinking deep, and being philosophical. Though I have been ridiculed, mocked for being so, but if you think long enough, you'll realise that being philosophical holds you in good stead because it helps you see the bigger picture and contemplate on life just that much more than the other short-sighted people who live for today. Though there is nothing wrong in living for the moment, but if you don't think of the future, you'll never realise when it becomes heavy on your shoulders and you fall face first because of the weight. Each to his own I guess. Now to what I was saying.

We never know which way life may take us, we don't know what will become of us 10 years down the line when we are out there facing the world on our own. Learning from mistakes made, bruising our ego and beliefs to adjust with the world because the world is the majority, not us. I am sure it will times like those when we'll think of school, and the close knit niche that we had for ourselves, within our friends, surrounded all the time by the people we know. Knowing who to go to for help, who to talk to when we're down. Who to call when we're going for a movie, and who to laugh with when we're celebrating. It's truly home! But, all that will change 6 months from now, when we give our final exams, and start hunting for colleges. Some will be going abroad for furthur studies, forever seperated from their old friends back home. Some will look forward to the change, others will be haunted by the nostalgic memories of the beautiful days unable to control themselves. Reunions will be held, people will be missed. But in the end, we will realise that we are alone when we go to bed every night...

Life puts you in these places, where you are left so clueless, you don't know how dark it is until you gather the courage to open your eyes and see. You are so safe in your ignorant bubble, you forget that the world out there is really not the place we have been made to believe it is. Not that its that bad either, but its definitely harder than easier. And I am speaking from experience. Constantly fending for ourself is not something we as kids are used to, yet, in 6 months thats exactly what we will be doing. 6 months, doesn't seem so far, does it? And to believe Scott Stapp was crying about 6 feet :P

Life, is definitely bigger, bigger than you and me. And we will truly learn to respect what we have now when we have it no more. Some of us, have learnt to understand and love what we have even now. People like me, who know how it'll be not too long from now, tend to hold on because we know what we stand to lose if we let go. Friends, love, security, fun, everything. As a redemption, we will be coined adults. Of age. The time when things we say make a difference in the world. Things we say are listened to. Things we say, are taken seriously. Well, only for some of us atleast. There is so much this world has to give, yet, so much more that it will take away to give us that. How will we get back the feeling of having a first crush? How will we remember the feeling of first love? How, will we remember such immature, yet overbearing thoughts. When we're old, we'll look back upon all this and think how childish we were. When we thought we'd give up everything for the girl/guy we loved. Age destroys emotions. I guess that rule can be brought down to one line... The mind, destroys the heart. Those who think too much, can't feel, and those who feel, choose not to think. Its the fact, its the way the world is. However, its those who feel and think, are those who stand out. I'll quote Dry Kill Logic, and let you think on what I've said. It may be wrong... I hope I'm wrong...

Now that I,
Face the world with pain inside.
Strange but I,
Can't understand the reasons why.
Forever is,
A world that I cannot describe.
That Died the time we said goodnight.
It makes no difference, wrong or right.
The time has come to say goodnight.
And how could I,
Be so sure but be so wrong?
And how could I?
Have a will so weak with a mind so strong?
And Only I,
Can tell the difference right or wrong.
It makes no difference, wrong or right.
I guess it's best we say goodnight.


I like that line "life is definitely bigger, bigger than you or me."

By Blogger Nemesis, at 4:46 PM, September 29, 2005  

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