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Friday, September 16, 2005
my fellow blog members! Home
Posted at 5:44 PM by Aditya

unfortunately, i think by instilling the blogging fever in them, i stimulated them to start paying attention to their own blogs rather than ours. so i guess, the responsibility again comes down to me. oh well!

today, was wet. still is, and cold. my hands were freezing by the time we were back home. i chose a good time to get a ruddy haircut. now i get headaches whenever i get wet in the rain, its a whole head-cold thing (don't ask!).

mr. chhetri and i were actually talking about, 'the best form of music', and 'what appeals the most'. i actually didn't have to think about it too much. the answer to that question will only come to the ones for whom music is a way of life. and that day, was the first time i saw two musicians agree on something without a single argument, pursuasive word. the answer that i gave was -- an all vocal band -- otherwise also known as acapella bands. you would have heard songs where all the sounds are created by people, not instruments. they sound so soft, so melodious, so synchronised. the downside being you need lots of people because you need 5-6 people filling in for one instrument. but, the end result is a song so beautiful, that you can't help but hum along.

think of songs from 'bend it like beckham' (aap jaisa koi), and you'll understand what i am saying. let's see if YOU agree with us. im always open to contradictions! :)


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