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Saturday, September 17, 2005
new y! mail not supported by opera Home
Posted at 9:34 AM by Aditya

the new version of yahoo! mail is not going to be compatible with opera, because of advanced use of DHTML and AJAX. only IE, Firefox, Mozilla and Netscape are on the supported list.

this is mainly because of the lack of opera's prescence in the market today. webmasters just don't see it feesable to design their site to suit opera since its not a majority.

but they actually should, since opera is the only browser which comes close to conforming to standards set down by the W3C

there has been word from opera that they are testing the new yahoo! mail (i don't know how) on the browser to make it compatible, so expect a major update whenever the new yahoo! mail is released to the public. let's keep our finger's crossed people! opera man, where are you!?

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