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Saturday, September 17, 2005
opera preparing for an overhaul Home
Posted at 9:26 AM by Aditya

news in from daniel's blog. the norwegian company might be planning a major revamping of the fastest browser on earth. he says:

According to a source, Opera will release a new version of its desktop browser, which will contain major modifications to the browser's User Interface (UI). The new version will sport a simpler look.

since there are no screenshots yet, i can't include any of them, but it might be going for the simplistic, ease of use and functional way :) isn't that something!

Opera is working on a new and faster rendering engine for the browser, and may include it with next week's release, though I haven't confirmed this yet.

making the fastest engine yet faster? woohoo! like i said, in the fight of the browsers, its no-one but the customers who stand to win everything! keep a tab on this space for updates as they appear.

thanks daniel goldman | daniel's blog


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