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Thursday, September 15, 2005
suggestions time! Home
Posted at 6:04 PM by Aditya

its that time of the year again!

ehhm... not exactly... but well, whatever. im asking any visitor unfortunate enough to bump through this space, to suggest how i can improve my site, and the blog. is it the looks (whaa!!), or the content...? or just generally the site?

i am ready to give the entire site an overhaul, i just need suggestions from people vela (bored) enough to tell me what to do with it. so let the suggestion box roll... i'll add a section which will show all the recommendations and suggestions people have put in, once i have enough :)

so let's start! im waiting :D


you should probably change the layout of the site a bit. make it more interesting, with more links, more of your interests, add a blog related TOTALLY to your friends, school, etc. make it a little more fun. get more of the music stuff, and keep updating. it really works for my blog. change the entire layout of the site and blog, change attracts people. and write more about YOURSELF, rather than writing about random topics. it's fun to read about iPods, but it's more fun to read about entails of people's days, etc. like neha's blog. and why don't the other two members post here at all? aren't they supposed to be members of this blog?

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:43 PM, September 16, 2005  

well, i was kinda kidding when i said i'll give the site a complete overhaul if i had to...

it'll also help if you tell me who you are... include a name, it isn't that hard!

thirdly, i really don't like writing about myself. more about the world around me. what i can do is start writing about music and the people in the world around me... let's see how that goes around.

thanks for the suggestions, they have been well accepted! :)

By Blogger Aditya, at 5:35 PM, September 16, 2005  

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