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Sunday, September 25, 2005
Too much text? Home
Posted at 12:42 PM by Aditya

I don't know why, but suddenly this page looks like it's got too much writing all over it. I can't decide between the 'full' look or the 'minimalistic' look. I am gonna need your help on this one. I already have one person angry that the chatterbox has been taken off. But isn't the comments-at-a-glance useful? I don't know, I need to know what makes a blog click with people (looks-wise) so that I can work on it!

Speaking of work. Thank to Sita Priya I have been studying in the past two days more than I have studied in the whole week (before these two days). Its absolute craziness! I am kind of getting bored of it, but then also, my exams are going on, so I guess I owe my papers and the school this much. But its sure as hell boring! How much CH's can one person take in a day anyway. And how is this going to be of any use to me, someone who's a computer and music freak. How in the world does it make a difference to me how alcohol is prepared. If i every need alcohol in my life, it'll be after I lose a record deal, and that for drinking, not for conducting experiments on it! Goodness me! :O

But I guess that's how life is. It expects you to know everything, and be proficient enough to apply them in real life. But what if real life doesn't want the application of any one of them!? What do you do then Sherlock?

Am I blabbering? Well, I guess thats what two days of Organic Chemistry does to you. Which reminds me, its pretty interesting if you have a flair for it. I'll suggest having a viewing of Good Will Hunting That's an amazing movie for those who think being a genius is a good thing. Matt Damon, though is really not much of an actor, does a pretty good job. :) I'll recommend it.

On another note, the rains stopped! (I know Neha, don't kill me :( ) So its become humid, as is customary after rains. This is what I call Calcutta weather. Hot, humid, boring, nothing to do, don't feel like doing anything either. Its pretty bad! Plus I have a chemistry exam on Monday! Darn! Life sucks, doesn't it? I should be hitting the books I guess, which I'll do after lunch now.



yeah, and awful is spelled "awful". go ahead, kick me already :P i'm taking my role as editor very seriously :D

By Anonymous Akanksha, at 1:13 PM, September 26, 2005  

err... i thought there was something wrong with that spelling!

well, you're not an editor here (a), and (b) its ok, i asked for it. and its helping me. slightly nagging, but it is.

thanks! and the font size will be changed...!

By Blogger Aditya, at 4:32 PM, September 26, 2005  

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