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Friday, September 16, 2005
vista, vista, vista! Home
Posted at 5:57 PM by Aditya

this operating system... i don't know what to call it. a technological blunder, plunder, or wonder! (thank you very much :P)

have you seen the system requirements for this OS? it begins by demanding a minimum of 512 MB ram. now, those thinkcenters (newly purchased) in the sr. school computer lab are 512 MB ram holders. for windows xp, thats fine. but think of those computers lagging around to just do a menial job like opening notepad. won't that surprise you. apparently, MS is keeping high hopes for people's knowledge and endurance of upgrading of their desktops. wake up Bill, the world is not as perfect as your living room!

sure, vista looks like the best OS out there, not taking into account the fact that more than half of the 'improvements' are simple tiger (mac os x) ripoffs. but at what price? you pay for the OS (which i don't think will be cheap) and before that, upgrading of your computers to RUN the new OS... i mean WTF?

MS is definitely raising the bar, and its times like these when OS's like Linspire, Fedora Core take the cake, and the desktops. requiring less than 1/4th the hardware power of windows machines, providing same functionality, and 10 times the freedom, open source is surely the way to go. those who are not very comfortable with open source, should look at macs, and tiger. if you wait for vista, you'll realise that there is really not much of a difference... vista is merely MS's take on Apple.

Sure, customer's win, but only if they are smart. keep a check on,, and my blog for late breaking news regarding vista and MS's plans for the future at PDC-05.


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