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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
capital punishment for rape Home
Posted at 9:41 PM by Aditya

we have all been witness to the rise in the rate of rapes and violence against women, and we are all very well aware. the capital doesn't harbour illiterate, ill-informed citizens. yet the perpetrators are usually granted bail and/or walk about Scot free. what standards of law and security are we setting/looking at here? such criminals should be prosecuted with the highest punishment law can throw at them. you want to talk about the morality and the un-biased and righteous judgements? where was morality when the victim was assaulted? where is the un-bias when the victim has to face society and its ridicules, comments? where is the righteousness when the life of that victim has been permanently scarred, if not ruined? what punishments fits such a crime? nothing can and will justify the crime against a fellow human being, especially the opposite sex, which is the giver and nourisher of life. how does one sell fairness, and use morality as the wall between the right and wrong, and still call themselves human beings who are granted righteous power of fair judgement?

we all question the justifications for the capital punishment. countless arguments on morality and sentiments are raised. and yet, the winner of all these debates are not the ones who oppose, or the ones who support, but the ones who are spared the noose. the ones who really do not deserve to live, to be alive, to breathe and to be given a second chance are the ones who get away with a softer, more lenient counterpart of the punishment they truly deserve. a one sided debate is not what people need. its a talk with their inner human. here, i am going to concentrate on one specific issue, which in my very honest opinion, deserves nothing less than capital punishment, is the physical molestation and sexual assaults on women.

in school, we argue the fact that the state has no right to take from a man what it cannot give back. i ask one question. does the man have a right to take something away from a woman which he cannot give back? the answer, in any situation shall be a no. hence, if
he doesn't, and yet he does, how do you punish such an act? surely you're not thinking of giving the person a second chance...? when he had the choice of not committing the crime. when he was in complete control of what he was doing... surely, you cannot forgive such a free-willed display of dominance on the innocent. if men cannot control themselves, they should be treated as they ask for, like animals. they should be caught, and put in a cage. birds of a feather flock together and if they don't, its up to us to make them.

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