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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
the future of the browser Home
Posted at 11:01 PM by Aditya

this is the never ending debate that keeps geeks busy on a friday afternoon over a hot cup of tea. people have tried to predict where technology might head, and people have tried to lead technology in a certain way. but, it never pays off... and the reason is because technology, like people, are unpredictable ... simply because tech is made by people!

there is a really good interview with tim berners-lee in which he speaks on what he thinks about everything related to the internet, and how they will shape up in the future. with the whole deal with the web 2.0 coming in, and the ongoing tussle with microsoft and google who will take the bigger share of internet applications and development, his takes are worth reading, i.e. if you're interested!

i've always supported opera as my favourite browser, but if you've noticed, there's a 'get firefox with google' ad up there, to the right. why, you ask? the thing is, i'm aiming to become a power user. opera will remain as a choice browser if i need to surf and get out, simply because its fast... its lightning fast, restricted only by your internet speed. firefox on the other hand, offers more usability, extensibility. if i need to get more done, i'll choose firefox over opera simply because of its extensibility. plus, i want to begin writing extensions for firefox soon enough. so as soon as i learn how the api works, and how to go about coding, i'll begin my work. thats after the boards, obviously! :)

so, i'll suggest both opera and firefox, because they are both good in their own respects and uses. firefox, for the power user and opera for the common user. take your pick! :)


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