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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
good to great Home
Posted at 3:56 PM by Aditya

a few weeks ago, i was reading this book by jim collins. its called "good to great", and its about how and what makes good companies great. my dad recommended it to me, and i am happy that he did. i didn't read much, its too full of corporate blabber, but whatever i did read, i found it very interesting.

it seems that people tend to form a safe security shell around themselves the moment things fall into place. now, once that happens, they begin to lose slowly and steadily their enthusiasm to work and achieve the bigger goal. either they make compromises, or downright lower the bar that they had set before they took on the job. in any case, its a change, always for the worse.

the problem here is a solution, to keep people motivated and enthusiastic about their goal. a way to make them push and push harder, so that by the end of it, they have left their potential line far behind. how does someone achieve that kind of a passion and motivation? i don't know. that is for the people sitting in the brainstorming room to figure out, that what makes their employees click! but away from the corporate world, the question to us is the same as well. how do we keep ourselves motivated to keep working and keep our focus on whatever we have to do?

i came up with the solution, of not setting goals in the first place. by doing that, i continuously push myself to see how far i'll go. by the end, i have pushed my best over what i thought was my best. i don't have a maximum, but each experience tells me that the previous line, was not my maximum. i might not find my maximum, but i'll get many values which are not right, so that next time i reach that mark again, i won't have to stop and see, i'll just walk past! :)


believe me the corporate blabber is fun too if u understand it...its defn a gr8 book

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 8:16 PM, December 21, 2005  

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