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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
google encore! Home
Posted at 9:36 AM by Aditya

For all those of you who don't know about the Google Homepage, i'll suggest you have a look. its a neat way of organising everything on the first page your browser shows when you start it up, and then once you have all the required details, you can move on to other vela stuff that you usually do on the net.

while you're at it, i'll suggest you give user-scripts a go. user-scripts are javascript files which are custom made to increase usability or efficiency of a particular site (site specific user-scripts) or just as a general tool for all websites (general user-scripts). user-scripts are supported by both opera and firefox with the greasemonkey extension. it can do some really neat stuff, and if you are an avid google user like me, you'll find tons of scripts which will enhance your google experience.

once you get one of those two, head on at to find a script that suits you, and go and enjoy the added benefits.

NOTE: for opera users, there is no extension, but you'll have to manually add the user-scripts to the kernel by selecting it from tools > preferences > content > javascript advanced options. you can write to me if you have a problem :)


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