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Saturday, December 31, 2005
intel undergoing a revamp! Home
Posted at 12:53 PM by Aditya

on thursday, leading processor chip designer company intel announced the change in logo and their slogan. the new slogan will be 'leap ahead' and the new logo will no longer have the 'inside', although the swirling blue curve is retained.

intel will also now be moving out of just PCs and into home entertainment. as an article over at states -

Intel's image change, to coincide with next week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is part of an effort by new Chief Executive Officer Paul Otellini to push Intel into home entertainment. The company, whose processors run more than 80 percent of personal computers, is trying to gain a foothold in the consumer market to counter slowing growth in PC chips.

also, it might be because amd has caught up with intel as a formidable processor chip maker, being the choice chip for gamers and power hungry computer users. who knows, intel might be able to ouster already settled companies. intel has had the best marketing for a really long time.
Central to Otellini's plan for Intel's future growth is getting the PC into the living room to replace digital video recorders, videocassette recorders, satellite set-top boxes and other home entertainment products.

The first step came with the announcement of the 'Viiv' chips and platform in August. The chips and label will go with home PCs that let users download music and films to be played and shown on home audio systems and televisions. Otellini is expected to unveil new products next week at the Las Vegas convention.

these are just the broader plans. a pentium 5 to compete with the constantly challenging amds will be only beneficial to consumers ... let's see how this works for intel!


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