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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
ma'm! its coming! Home
Posted at 3:41 PM by Aditya

what is the real deal with the soap operas on television? as my uncle put it, when he left india back in 1999, there was this serial 'kyunki saas...'. he never saw it in australia, simply because he couldn't have! a few months ago, when he came to india for a flying visit, he turned on the channel, and saw the same serial ... but it didn't take him long enough to figure what was happening! now ... thats just not the take of my uncle, thats the take of a lot of intellectually superior beings out here! what is the deal with star plus?

every watches them. from kids, your maids, to your parents and their friends. what is it that pulls crowds to these nobrainer serials and channels? their serials go on for decades, and the story of a family goes on and on and on and on... how much of crying, backstabbing, affairs, disfunctional families can you see before you begin to tear your hair out? im sure there are many in our school who, even though sneak in a viewing of one of the episodes once in a while, will blatantly refuse to their actions. its not uncool to see them, even enjoy them, but please, i'd like to know why they are so attractive to people!

i on the other hand find things like the harshad mehta misappropriation case extremely appealing and interesting. not because it has something to do with reality crime, but just the working of the man's mind, and his actions. he was single handedly responsible for the sky rocketing indian stocks in 1991-92, and he was responsible for them to come plummeting down! that one man brought the entire economy to his fingers, where he played with it like puppets ... it takes more than guts to do something like that. if you want to make a serial, make it on him and how he did what he did (i'll be posting a brief account of what happened sometime soon), because people should know what can happen when a genius goes bad, eg. proff. james moriarty. remember?

in my opinion, the history channel is a really good source of information ... which is what media is there for in the first place. information, and information we can use ... even though today's news is going down the pits, journalism on television has somehow taken on the soap route. every headline, and report is constantly supported by a pounding background score which somehow tries to add to the 'sensational' nature of the news. all these artifical ways of pulling in viewers won't last long, in the end its the content which will decide who watches it, and how many watch it. that's the prime difference between a channel like CNN or NDTV and Zee News or Doordarshan News.

Quality, or quantity ... the battle rages on!

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