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Monday, December 26, 2005
newspapers today! Home
Posted at 3:35 PM by Aditya

in my conversation with my uncle who's a journalist and assitant editor for economic times, there were quite a lot of issues that came up... one of them being that deteorating quality of news articles and the complete mockery of newspapers and what they are supposed to show. the newspaper in question was delhi times and how its not really a newspaper but more of a tabloid material kind of thing. surprisingly, he told me that surveys conducted in universities like LSR and others, maximum students wanted to work for delhi times as compared to other newspapers. but i guess thats because DT hardly needs any work. all you need is the latest gossip going around the country, and you can write enough to fill up a page. heck! we could come up with a DT just for VVS, and it'd be the same quality as the mainstream paper.

this doesn't happen because of lack of good journalists. this happens because what drives people in money, and if the moolah isn't coming in, no one will want to experiment, or work. the times group tried to experiment with bringing in younger journalists who bring the apparently 'cool' and 'today's lingo into the newspapers. little do they know that the same language and lingo is bashed in schools by students who know what the real picture is. i mean seriously, they need to see what is going on around them!

people like me don't want the latest gossip. they want news, information and everything that can be used. delhi times has become a paper which people read while on the throne, to keep them busy. is that what journalists really want? i thought they were supposed to be at the forefront of the groundbreaking reality and the people you could trust to give the news to us... what happened to that? if anyone reading this agrees with me, then please let me know and i can show all the mails, comments or whatever you send in to my uncle, so that we can try and make a difference, because honestly, if we don't, no-one will!

that brings me to the news with wikipedia and what happened to the seemingly right to speech and expression, and right to information. the news is here, have a look and decide for yourself whether you can afford to remain silent with all thats happening!

the rest, is to you!

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just newspapers? or, wait a minute, the VVS NEWSLETTER seems to be a prime example of the populist trash you refer to. in case you're wondering, the newsletter this entire YEAR has been nothing but an elaborate waste of paper. what this country needs is some REAL journalists, with something REAL to write about, and not idiot wannabes. but wait a minute, this is VVS we're talking about.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:18 PM, December 26, 2005  

im not just talking about vvs, but the country at the moment!

i'll be writing more stuff on this in the future. also, as an attempt to showcase good imparting of news and information, i've begun writing on what is dear to me. video games, and the indian game industry!

hope you find something useful!

By Blogger Aditya, at 11:44 PM, December 26, 2005  

If this can make a difference, even a fraction, I totally support what you write. The Page 3(refering to Bombay Times) reflects the trash of a heap of high society seeking papparazzi. i really wonder if this is what the 'freedom of expression' was intended for.

By Blogger Shikha Choudhury, at 12:24 AM, December 29, 2005  

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