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Tuesday, December 20, 2005
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Posted at 7:37 PM by Aditya

a few days back i had a major misunderstanding with one of my closest friends, and she ended up breaking it off temporarily. it was good that she held on for just a little bit longer, and i held on with her, and together we went back to being the amazing friends we used to be. to keep from revealing my secrets and what i feel, i'll write what i meant to write in this post.

it takes a lot of emotions and feelings to build a friendship, but it needs understanding and acceptance to maintain it. sometimes, people just tend to let go, and thats when the friend, steps in and takes control. he/she'll let you lay back for sometime, and ease off, while they handle the ride for a while.

letting go completely, is a sin... and a highly impossible one at that. its nearly impossible to let go of a friend, and impossible if that friend has been very close to you - the proverbial "friend who's shared my tears" kinda person. its impossible. so don't even try to. and if there is someone who is trying to let go. work your ass off to keep them yours, because many friends drift apart not because they wanted to, but only because there was no one to stop them.

i know the ones to whom this addresses, will understand what i am saying, and why i'm saying it!
take care!


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