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Sunday, December 25, 2005
the right choices, and the wrong ones Home
Posted at 6:26 PM by Aditya

the best part of one's life goes into rectifying past made mistakes, and learning from them, since the early part goes into making them. but not if you are samrt, and with eyes wide open! that is what speeds up the learning process. some people make mistakes and learn from them fast enough. but some make the same mistake a few times, before learning from them. both of them are right in their own respective rights, and they both should be commended.

there are some people who, because of faults in themselves, want a level of perfection from the ones around them. its something of a defence mechanism. i still have to figure out how it works though! :P

on the other hand, i went and saw chicken little, and i must say. its a really good movie. with the sentimental touch in balance and tandem with the overlaying plot, its a lot of fun! i'll suggest you watch it and take the kiddies for a ride too, they'll love it (if they can understand the jarring american accents). its about the often deep and sentimental relationship between a father and his son... as shown by chicken little and cluck, and later the aliens. for someone like me, it held a lot of significance. i hope it will show and teach you a few things about relationships too. they're the best thing on earth, if you know how to handle them. a boon can become a curse in the wrong hands...!

the weekend is over today, and even though the holidays are going on, they have been coined 'study leave' from school. that means we are supposed to be 'studying', and i am doing that, but not as much as we're supposed to! but hell, today is christmas, so MERRY CHRISTMAS everybody! hope you had a good day, and an even better evening!

P.S. don't fret if the constant template changes are bothering you. i'm trying to get a look which everyone finds comfortable... atleast, one i think everyone will find comfortable! so please bear with me for sometime :)


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