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Monday, December 26, 2005
what does one blog about? Home
Posted at 9:10 AM by Aditya

i was just sitting and thinking a few days back.... ok, just thinking, a few days back, that what does one blog about! and i realised that people have a to say. thats only possible if they are given their space and the time, and voila! a blog is the easiest way of doing that. after all, its been a while that the internet has been put to some good use (yes, im not taking pornography as good use). some blogs out there (including this one, hehe!) are full of useful and quite influential details, information and posts. not to mention (i have to still analyze why do people say that) the fact that it is not possible to come up with a topic which has not yet been blogged about. if you come across some topic like that, do email me!

now, the good stuff! have you ever heard of movabletype? well, its another platform publisher from the company sixapart. its quite popular with people, just like blogger is, but for some reason this didn't sit well with one person who took it on him to lead the rebellion against this monopolising blog provider.

check it out -> movabletype bashing

i know you guys might be fresh out of christmas! i hope it went well :) speaking of well! i'll take this chance to ask you either upgrade, or download the new firefox 1.5. ever since it came out, i've been using it all throughout. its a really powerful browser which owes 90% of its power to the extensions that have just improved ever since i left firefox for opera. opera remains as a browser on my computer, but at the moment i'll agree i prefer firefox to opera, simply because of the number of things i get more productively done on firefox. like i mentioned a few posts ago -- userscripts, which were one of the primary reasons for the switch. yes, i know opera supports them too... but somehow they are just not the same. people prefer writing for greasemonkey and thats why i think these scripts are sweeter than opera's user javascripts.

the engine is supposed to be much faster, although i didn't notice a difference. probably because opera is so fast, that firefox trying to catch up really didn't come across as any faster. extension support is good. the only thing i miss is all this at the cost of sleek eye-candy themes, which sadly nothing but opera can pull off with that kind of a download size. hats off to firefox, but knowing opera, they'll return with something fantabulous! ;)


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