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Monday, January 30, 2006
The Chained Elephant Home
Posted at 11:24 AM by Shikha Choudhury

They say mindsets constitute the present and future of an individual. Well, they say this for a reason.
It is what you think...that you become. Unfortunately, even today, a lot of us are forced to be conditioned under certain mindsets which have become an integral component of our lives and often the reason of our failures. We refuse to change, to explore new potentials and opportunities which maybe dormant within us...There cannot be any limitations on opportunities and dreams...we set our own limitations with our belief systems. Read this anecdote and you'll realise the importance of mindsets and continuous improvement:

A baby elephant born in a circus is trained from an early age to perform in the acts. After each performance, the elephant master takes the elephant outside and ties a chain around its ankle. Using a mallet, he hammers the chain into the ground to stop the elephant from escaping. The baby elephant pulls and pulls, but cannot break free. This happens after every performance.
The elephant grows, but the master continues to use the same chain. Eventually the elephant reaches its full size and still the master uses the same chain. However, over the years the elephant has stopped trying to break free from the chain, no longer even bothering to try.
It appears so obvious that all the elephant has to do, with its adult strength, is to pull once and it would be free, but the elephant has been conditioned to believe that it cannot break the chain.


If we cannot recognise the consequences of our limiting beliefs..we can never realise the immense potential of our future. Any change begins with the first step. It is this first step that lies between you and your dreams.
So go ahead...don't hesitate..make a your dream..and release the chained elephant in YOU


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