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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Cheers! Home
Posted at 2:04 PM by Shikha Choudhury

To my fellow random musing-cians and the unfortunate souls who have to torment their eyes reading my posts...
I must confess one nasty habit of mine..i'm a bit too loquacious. But as my hero Amartya Sen has it "Prolixity is not alien to us in India" I blame it on traditional backing and basically am too lazy to do anything about it.
Moreover, when I write I mean serious writing (i'm pretty serious now as well u noe) and i hope you will appreciate 'em just considering the fact that our wonderful friend aditya has been weird enough to make me write here.
Besides all this I really hope you won't mind it if you can't see 'posted by shikha' too often as I am trying to be 'less mortal' by burying my nose in those books of mine (prelims u see are on...and i've messed up two already)
Have a Nice Day

P.S. Wouldcha mind it very much if i use words that may not be found in the dictionary? ;)


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