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Sunday, January 01, 2006
coming back to life ... Home
Posted at 10:01 PM by Aditya

where were you...? when I was burnt and broken...?
while the days slipped by, from my window watching...

and where were you? when I was hurt and I was helpless,
'cuz the things you say and things you do surround me...

while you were hanging yourself from someone elses words,
dying to believe in what you heard,
I was staring straight, into the shining sun...

and hence goes one of my most loved, and all time favourite songs coming back to life... no points for guessing who its by! :) its the perfect song to be singing, humming or having stuck in your head on the first day of a new year. when you leave behind the ghosts of the past, and are being welcome by the stars of the future lighting your path, bidding you on and shining brighter by the second encouraging you to go on to see how the road ends! surely, this is the time to come back to life!

with exams less than 60 days away, im sure everyone will be nose-deep into their books, occasionally surfacing to take a breath of cool fresh air, and then going down once again to the helm of the unthinkable brainiacs, mumbling and chanting furiously to themselves while the world around them slows down to almost a standstill in their minds ... how, i ask, how do they manage to do that? maybe thats what sets them apart from us mortals who can with extreme difficulty get by with 3-4 hours a day...

i am not going to make new year resolutions this year, because i have already noted and explained, i no longer believe in setting goals. i only push, and work harder every minute, every hour to see how far i can go before i break ... and i know for a fact that i don't break easily. but as usual, motivation plays the ever so important role. even though the talk with tikky was unsuccessful as in it couldn't enlighten us how to be self motivated, it did raise the issue of the difference between people on the motivation front. some people can motivate themselves, and hence reach furthur and higher. however, those who do need the extra factors for motivation, will always remain behind them or atmost, at par with them. how do we motivate ourselves, when the future so far, looks just another step away...

is it the prospects of the future, or the thrill of the chase? is it the suspense of the unknown, or the curiosity of the myriad choices? what is it that we look ahead of us, and why do we look to it? is it bad to know that the hard work has just begun, and it'll take close to 10 years from now for us to be able to firmly sink our feet in the ground and remain steadfast against the hurricane of failures who collide against our determination, trying to knock us down but only obstructing, not obliterating our final vision for ourselves? no, it isn't! the difference lies in your looking ... the glass is half full people! envision your life after these 10 years ... you're only 15,16,17 ... 'yeh zindagi bahaut lambi hai' ... and rightly, you'll have ample time for everything you have seen and you wish to have! just be patient, and keep looking up!

here's wishing all the luck, determination and support you might need in this new year, and for the days ahead of you!


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