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Thursday, January 19, 2006
the constant updates Home
Posted at 9:53 AM by Aditya

are the updates leaving you frustrated? do you think you don't know what is where in this blog anymore? have you even noticed the changes that have crept in since the last you showed up? do you even come here on a regular basis?

haha! sorry! anyway, i've slowly and steadily been removing features which i thought might be making the blog look and function fancier, but is slowing down the page loading time for people with slower connections, or browsers. i know people have broadband, but still, too many scripts and too many sections can only slow down the page, not speed it up! thats why here's an update of the things i've done -- />
  • removed the random updates bar / the toggle button
  • removed the smart tooltips (the small green box with stuff about what you're pointing to)
  • added 'posted by' text right below the post, so that you can see who posted what at a glance
  • removed technorati search, and statistics scripts -- speed up the page
  • made the toolsbar always show, and added a posts of note section to it at the top (red box)
thats it for the moment, but i'll be experimenting with stuff throughout -- something you guys know i keep on doing

i can see that my guest bloggers really don't put up much stuff at regular intervals. but that's fine, because people obviously have stuff to do other than blog, which has become something like an identity for me. something people know me by! something which i control! MUAHAHAHAHA!


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