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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
the fleeting post! Home
Posted at 12:21 PM by Aditya

i know i'm supposed to be off the computer, but i keep coming online every now and then and seeing the state of my dearest blog (stagnant), it kind of pains a little :( so i decided to pu up something and keep people coming back! :) it doesn't matter much if you don't, honestly, but it'd be nice if you did!

now, if you read today's delhi times (don't ask me why I did), you would have seen the controversy-interview with raj kumar santoshi about the promo pictures of family which show amitabh bachchan (sp!) smoking a cigar. the people are saying that seeing those pictures, youngsters might get influenced into picking up cigars and smoking, or trying to emulate him! haan! jaise main abhi jaa raha hoon cigar khareedne! its ridiculous ... absolutely ridiculous i tell you! people have a mind of their own, and i think they understand the fact that 'smoking is injurious to health' (courtsey: public service announcement), so my question is, why the hullabaloo?

they have tried to ban smoking on screen, or in ads ... also banned any hinting or the showing of cigarettes anywhere in the country in any kind of media ... but they haven't taken any steps, and are far away from doing so, to ban the use of cigarettes and tobacco in general. why? just because its one the biggest sources of revenue? that my friends is what politics is all about. show that you're trying to eradicate and help the society, when in reality you are actually not. help would be ban the use altogether. yes! but they won't ...

c'mon budding lawyers! here's a case for you to tackle :)


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