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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
guitarist vs. guitar player Home
Posted at 11:55 AM by Aditya

  1. A guitar player's Guitar need not be top of the line. Just a Guitar that sounds decent an is within the players price range. Something to play. OTOH a guitarist seems to always be looking for ways to own the best of the best, to setup thier guitar to perfection and would gladly swap thier first born for what they consider the Holy Grail of Guitars.
  2. A Guitar player will play his/her guitar when the feeling strikes or to
    have a good time banging around with friends or what have you. After 25 years they still play the same songs they learned 25 years ago. A guitarist knows every single chord ever identified, every single note on every single fret and even invents some of thier own. A guitarist can play any song after hearing it once and spends day after day coming up with thier own.
  3. Guitar players rarely practice. Guitarists practice day and night, they drag thier guitars to work with them and practice during lunch and during breaks (Guitarist dont neccesarily make a living with thier guitars), they come home from work and practice some more. They go to sleep and doze thinking about pracitising and dream of what to practice next. When they awake, they get thier coffee and instead of the paper grab thier guitar and practice.
  4. During family outings Guitar players bring the wife and kids and maybe the dog. Guitarists bring the wife, the kids, the dog, and the guitar and maybe the amp. If they can fit it they may also bring all other neccesities for an impromptu concert to show off thier skills, even when no one wants to hear it.
  5. Guitar players are happy with thier guitars. They go buy a new 200 dollar guitar and think "Hmmm...nice guitar". A Guitarist goes out and maxes out the credit card to buy the best guitar possible. They take it home, remove the strings, pickups, bridge, nut, neck, and tuners. They then sell the body, buy a new body, tuners, pickups, strings, nut and bridge. They then put together thier NEW guitar and promptly put it up for sale so they can go buy the guitar THEY REALLY WANT.
  6. Guitar players picks are 5 for a dollar. Guitarist's picks are 1 for 5

thats the real difference! :D
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