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Tuesday, January 03, 2006
Introducing Me ------ Sita Priya Moorthi Home
Posted at 10:13 PM by SITA PRIYA

Well most bring people begin with that ever typical and avidly annoying "hi......." ."This is blah blah am blah blah years old and all...." Well me i am different or so i think to be. I am not going to introduce myself through my articles . Well i want to relate to u this incident that happeed to me ad that really well touched my heart. Its a simple story nothig much to it but I guess it is these simple thigs i life that we do ot see and fail to realise the magitude of information they carry with them.

We all squable about how big or how small are cars are. And pretty much life long we all wait ad earn enough money so we can buy our "dream car". Be it a mercedes or a Laura(Apoorvs Fauvorite car). Then when we do get this dream car we cringe about the limited parking space, pollution, over traffic, no driving space , potholes hell we take live of innocet people on the roads and tell them the car is too big. Like halo who told u to get it in the first place. Well ayoes after some of such cinging my dad bought the family an Indica now thats ota big car but bigger that a mruti.

ow as in class 12 we have a conti party i was taking ym mom to buy me clothes. I ended up spending like 2500 bucks on it but while i was returning... i we were stuck at this red light ..... i was looking out of a window and the girl ... probably 7 or 8 cmae up. Its biting cold winter and all she was wearing was a frock. That had been probably reall ypretty when it was new but now was just a mere rag. SHe came up to my window with expression of complete distress. She begged for food money anything we were willign to give her. Her mouth was sore , black from the pollution, her hair was dirty with muck... probably hadnt had a bath for ages... a brush of the shoulder would have made her go on to the next car.

on the pedestrian walk was this another girl . more like the wring leader. she was none younger . but her eyes full of determination and power. the fervour just appauled me. she was blowingout these ballons .... those red heart shaped ones... and then she ran across to sell it to people....

what made me think was .. today i see this girl ad tomorrow another ad then another... wat will happen to them.. they would get raped molested... if lucky theylll get educated.. if not they ll get married off... me ill jsut still go a head buy wat i have to and sitll live.

this detachment of my world from theres staying in the very same city is so unbelievable. and just to think wat i have ad wat they dont ist the fact that i learn from them. the honesty annd the self scceptance it takes for them to beg and shrivvel at the face of poverty and yet enjoy sweet bitter momets jus tlike us. is beautiful

Think about it
PS dont think i am weird jus thtik about it.


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