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Sunday, January 15, 2006
Makar Sankranti ou Pongal Home
Posted at 12:14 PM by Shikha Choudhury

I don't really celebrate any of these festivals (except that my gran made a mithai called 'pithe pule'..not sure if u know what this doesn't matter coz i really don't know how to describe it to you) but i celebrated (which means sleep,T.V.,pizza, my computer and my treadmill) coz my wretched prelims got over!
Infact, it was a long time since i actually went out of my house to admire the Arabia n Sea(*sarcastic*)and the traffic jams and the pissing off taxis which are usual subjects of my acrid abuses....and i found the skies dotted with kites from nearly every house. The whole of Chowpatty beach was teeming with more than a hundred people flying or at least attempting to fly kites coz most of them got entangled with each other before even rising a few feet. Well, none of them gave up and it was pretty entertaining to observe them.
The rest of the day went pretty well...the moon looked more gorgeous than I'd ever seen it before! With this amazing, soft goldenish appearance...really put me in this slow, romantic, drowsy mood.
Well..Hope you have a nice day!


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