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Wednesday, January 04, 2006
Million dollar smile Home
Posted at 8:38 PM by SONALI MITTRA

A Million Dollar Smile

I Recall one incident that happened, about a year ago, from wot sita experienced yesterday.

It was early august and I was going to my uncle’s place for a party. My mom and me were in full on party mood! Our car stopped at the crossing and in a fraction of second there were about 4-5 kids running all around the place to sell the balloons. Their little hands tapping the windows of the cars and pleading eyes compelled us to buy the balloons. The girl who came to our window had about 4 balloons…we decided to buy them all. When the other kids saw that we bought all her balloons…they rushed towards our car…and obviously….we had to buy all the balloons. Our car had no space left at all…even the driver had to give some space to the balloons. The signal became green…and our car was ready to move and we generally looked out of the window…and saw… all those kids waving at us with the broadest smile possible! That wot my mother called a million dollar smile! A tear dropped down my mom’s eyes! And I probably understood wot she felt at that moment.

Now, whenever I go to that crossing and if there are children selling something, I usually buy it.

In our busy lives, we can at least spare out such moments that makes someone’s day!


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