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Thursday, January 19, 2006
the semicoloned paradise Home
Posted at 10:23 PM by Aditya

the greatest high that some get is the amount of control you get over whatever you are presenting. so many possibilities of adding functionalities, eye-candies, content, images, colours ... every part of it is fascinating, regardless of the time and effor that might be required to create something out of a vision. the sheer thought of what the vision might culminate into makes people just delve straight into the books, resources and to get their hands dirty. at the end of it, if the vision becomes a reality ... its such an amazing sense of achievement, that only one who's felt will understand its true magnitude.

today, the myriad languages offered to one who would want to try and create snippets of code to increase or improve functionality is intimidating. the basic languages such as XML, HTML and Javascript themselves can be twisted and turned to yield some amazing results. the perfect example is blogs. scripted powerhouses with content, looks and functionality. a blog truly represents the person. an unorganised and uncouth person will have a blog you'd never want to return to. but an organised and formal person will have everything in its correct place, and everything about the blog will just feel right.

blogs work to promote ideas, opinions to such a level that some people live through their blogs, making it their prime source of income. all this world needs is people who can share their knowledge and make it easier for the common man to acquire that knowledge and practice while building on it so that someday he can be a master and share his own experiences and little discoveries, inventions. very few people remain who still prefer to make it on their own, hunt for hours on the internet and pour hours over books which teach any language or concept thoroughly! not that people can't, but in the times when information is readily available ... why would anyone want to work for it?

with the settling of web applications, and now the latest buzzword being web 2.0 and userscripts, a lot of people want to try their hand at scripting and seeing what the fuss is all about. i know i want to ... thats the reason i frequent so many blogs, and keep myself updated about the latest hacks and integrations, because as soon as my school is over, i will begin educating myself on these ... so that i can too contribute to the sphere. joining the herd i will, but as they say, 'every drop adds to the ocean!'

speaking to johan of ecmanaut about how Javascript might hold up its own against the proper programming and scripting languages, this is what he had to say -->

.net, regardless of language in the family you pick, is for larger applications; if you want to make anything smaller than an executable of a few tens or hundred kilobyte, in .net, you can't, as the virtual machine alone requires that (says Joel on Software, which is one of the real heavyweights in the field). Javascript, by comparison, has a greased weasel approach to scale, and hardly comes with any cost at all, though it doesn't generate executable files. Instead, it's typically embedded in scriptable applications such as web browsers, and lives closer to the realm of data. SVG images, the vector graphics format that has just started to gather momentum, embeds it too.

I'd venture guessing that javascript at least has an expected lifetime of decades still.

though i haven't spoken to others about it, i'm sure they'll agree with johan on this one. since the web browsers have become such an integral part of the OS, and by my estimate, one of the most heavily used applications on a home/office computer, Javascript and its uses really do open up lot of opportunities for the masters to present their game! this is only the beginning, and the best is yet to come!

to cover the weakness of one language, programmers can now combine functionalities of various languages, and overcome the obstacles placed in front of them due do time and lack of updates. a brilliant example is GMail, with a backend of C and C++, and the interface being dynamically generated by Javascript functions, its the ultimate example we have today of what creativity and knowledge can achieve. ofcourse, microsoft and yahoo and constantly trying to better on GMail in every aspect, but knowing google and what they have done in the past, based on sheer scripters strength alone, they can overtake any advancements made by those two. these are only predictions of a loyal follower. the rest, the future holds!

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