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Monday, January 16, 2006
Tagging! Home
Posted at 2:11 PM by Aditya

for those who have been in the blogging sphere long enough, would have realised that blogging can be addictive, as well as informative. information should be readily available, and hence made useful! there are so many blogs out there which give you so much knowledge and raw information that you can readily drop out of school and just browse the blogs all day long. you'll gain so much out-of-the-way knowledge, that you'll be the textbook perfect street smart person. and if you watch or used to watch the apprentice, you would know that the street smarts are the one who take the cake! :D

now, to the concept of tagging. if you pay attention to my posts, you would have noticed that at the bottom of most of the posts, there are tags mentioned as 'Technorati Tags:'. if you ever bother clicking on one of them, you'll be taken to a page where there are more articles which have been filed under the same tag. that will help you gain more knowledge on the same topic and hence, get common field information. me being the organised freak, like all my stuff to be in order ... so there come in the tags.

also in the sidebar, if you see in the middle, you'll find a Topics with a select box, which pops down to show you topic names. clicking on one of them will show you all the posts that have been filed under that topic. i've also added a tag cloud, which will show you which topics have most posts and hence reveal to you clearly where my interests lie. so, keeping those in mind, i hope you make use of these conveniences that i have managed to add to the blog over the past months :D

do give me a feedback on these features if you want me to change/add/remove anything :)

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